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 My husband and I adopted the handsomest little mutt around on January 9th.  I picked him up yesterday from the SPCA Spay & Neuter Clinic.  He was pretty loopy but had his moments of excitement and enthusiasm.  When we got him home, he made himself comfortable on a comforter my husband and I use to cuddle in on the floor when we're watching movies.  He looked so cozy there and he had had a rough day, what with getting neutered after having been a "man" for two years, so we decided to leave the crate training 'til the next day (today!).

He's obviously not a purebred, but he's definitely some sort of beagle mix (the shelter was saying beagle/corgi, and someone else suggested beagle/cavalier, but we'll never know).  When I was standing in line at the clinic to pick him up, I heard some aroo-ing from the back room and thought, "Well, that could very well be our little guy," but he hasn't made a peep... except an odd mixture between a squeak, a whimper, and a sigh.  It's pretty cute and we think it's a happy sound.  Let's hope we lucked out and got the one beagle who doesn't bay at the moon (we live in an apartment complex and want our neighbors to like us, rather than wish us dead)!


Anyway, my husband and I are stoked about this little guy, whom we've named Amos (it was a compromise: my husband wanted to name him Seamus and I liked Ahab, so Amos it was!).  We adopted him on his first day at the local SPCA (he had just transferred in from another county shelter) and the woman helping us said another couple had met with him that day.  How those people left without him, we'll never know.  He's such a love.  He lives for praise, hasn't shown any signs of destructive behavior, isn't food aggressive, doesn't mark in the apartment, fetches and brings back a tennis ball like a pro, and is well behaved on leash.  My only fear is that there's someone out there who's missing this little fella right now, but I'm glad he's with us.

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Aw, he's a cutie. He just looks like an extra fuzzy and glossy beagle. Hope he continues to be such a sweetie!
Oh, he's VERY glossy!
He is adorable!!! I do see some spaniel-y markings there on his nose. And he has a fluffy tail! How cute! Please give him a howdy-do-aroo from his fellow beagle-mutt Jack. :-)