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I love Beagles!

Hi everybody, I'm a newb here.  I don't personally own a Beagle, but I loooooove them.  I do have 2 dogs of my own, neither even close to Beagles but they were adopted way long before i fell oh so in love with the breed...
i work fulltime @ a doggy daycare and THIS is where I realized that i looooooooooooooooove these dogs.  4 out of 8 employees there own atleast one Beagle, and one of them has FOUR Beagles, one who is like 12 and hilarious.  He's like a senial old man, he gets into stuff and it's so funny.  He's like a really old puppy.  I put a picture of him under the cut. 
Anywho, in addition to the employees, we have a big client base with Beagles.  Point being, they're the best.  lol
Anywho, onto the photos...

This is one of my coworker's 4 Beagles--Gladdis.  She also has Beagles named Earl, Daisy, and Marley.

This is Marley.  He's 12. He's a foster for a rescue for old beagles in Indiana called beagle buddies.  He's kind of crazy for an old guy and keeps losing his homes.  He's likely a permanent foster, and that's fine.  He's a funny old man.

Beagle on left is Phoebe, she's older than sin and really really tiny.  My boss and the owner of the daycare has 15+ dogs.  Most are really old.  She's never been married, never had kids, she's the definition of a crazy dog lady.  She rescues strays and ends up keeping the ones that are too old, or too aggressive, or too sick, to be adopted.  Bottom line;  The woman is a saint.

Don't mind the pee, she had just gone and smelling it, lol.  These two were brought in from one of our owners who found them running stray.  They're the sweetest ever and currently being fostered at our daycare.

That's me and the stray beagles who i named June Bug and norma jean.  I share my lunch with them everyday.

last picture I've got for now, fat old harley.

I'll try to compile pictures of Gladdis, Earl, Daisy, Marley, Einstein, Harley, Phoebe, Red, Blue, Henry Annabelle, Murphy, and Honey to make a big Beagles I know collage, lol.

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