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We love beagles!

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15th April 2013

pee_truck9:03pm: The best doggie in the world!
We had to put Baxter down tonight. He was acting totally not himself the past few days. Lethargic, not eating/drinking/peeing/pooping. Wouldn't even get up when Dave came over. I took him in and it turns out he had a tumor/mass in his abdomen that took up 2/3 of his belly. Most likely a hemangiosarcoma. The vet said we could do exploratory surgery, but in a tumor like that (she was 80% sure that's what it was), it would have already spread to the blood.

So, I said my goodbyes and hugged and kissed his wet nose. He had a great like (14 years; one month shy of 8 years with us). We'll miss him lots!

(We told the boys that Baxter was too sick to come home and that the vet was taking care of his sick tummy).

26th July 2012

garypegler10:11am: Hi, I have a two year old Beagle called Charlie. I decided to mate Charlie and posted an ad for stud. A lovely local Beagle bitch responded to the add and the mating proces began. Although they did not lock, which left me wondering if the bitch would be pregnant or not?. Since then Charlie has been a nightmare! He has been up at all untimely excessively howling, which has annoyed my neighbours. He now try's to escape which he never did before, I think its to go find the bitch to mate some more?.
Has anyone else ever had this with their Beagle? Does anyone have any helpful kind suggestions for stopping the howling? Does anyone have an idea how long it will take Charlie to get over the bitch pls?

12th June 2012

grltalk11:23am: Love my beagle
I'm posting this pic just to wake up the group here.
My baby is 12 years old. I got her over 10 years ago from a beagle rescue. Someone saw her get tossed out of a truck. She had multiple injuires, but a good samaritan took her to a local vet who fixed her up and took her to the beagle rescue. She's been a joy and a challenge ever since.

18th February 2012

chopsmom1:56pm: The typical issue..
I love love love my beagle/shepherd mix! He is built like a shepherd but his mind is all beagle. I've had him for 2 years now and he is 2 years old.I completely adore and spoil him with attention,treats, walks, the beach, dog friendly restaurants you name it. Even if I'm out with him or playing with him he still whines. And he just won't stop. I never necessarily "punish" him for doing so because he is obviously doing it for a reason but I don't know what. I've tried everything. It does bother me a little bit but more so because he isn't happy and I want him to be. I have very understanding neighbors so that helps but I just want to know what I can do. Also digs in the yard and chews things other than his toys. I give him stimulating task and toys so I don't understand how he could be bored. The only time he is alone is when i have School on mondays and wednesdays but other than that i spent every minute with him. It's to the point where I make him a kong or give him a rawhide but he will only chew on it if someone is outside with him. I've tried keeping him inside too and same result. He is a stray and as much as I saved him, he's saved me and I just want him to be happy. Any suggestions?

28th April 2011

mymichelle5:21pm: Ivor's dream come true

28th January 2011

mymichelle2:48pm: HOUND

11th January 2011

disturbedme10:33pm: How much exercise does a beagle need? How much does yours get?
How much exercise does your beagle get?

We've been giving Rosey three to four 20-minute walks a day, plus a couple mile runs on the treadmill daily and usually an hour at the dogpark. And I was told today that even THAT isn't enough exercise for a beagle and that no matter how much you exercise them they will always have extra energy and won't be tired. They said that beagles need to be ran for 3 to 4 hours, etc, because that is what they were made to do (being a hound dog and bred to hunt).

Kind of makes me feel hopeless. We exercise her so much already and yeah, she does still have a lot of energy leftover... she is always go, go, go, but surely not everyone exercises their beagle THAT much?

Also, at what age did your beagle slow down (not so full of energy and hyper and seemed to finally rest more)?

9th January 2011

disturbedme10:55pm: Separation Anxiety?
We have a 1 and a half year old beagle. We've had her for two weeks. She'd actually almost be the perfect dog if she didn't have separation anxiety. Other than that, she is actually really good except for jumping on us once in a while, etc. Ummm, yeah, the separation anxiety is NOT good. It's so bad she won't even let us go into a different room without following us and keeping tabs on where we are. Not only that, but if we leave the living room and go to another room, she comes around to watch what we're doing and to be with us. She could never stay in the living room if at least one of us was not in it while she was. VERY annoying. Like when I was with her alone while Matthew was at work and went into the bathroom, I'd go in and shut the door, she'd start scratching at the door, but I told her no, so she stopped but she sat right outside the door until I was finished. It's annoying.

The first few times we had to leave her (we are leaving her in the crate while we are gone because if we didn't, we'd come home to something destroyed I'm sure), it seemed she only cried/barked for 4 to 5 minutes and then slept the rest of the time. I have been videotaping her when we're gone. Then I read that some people give Kongs to their dogs while they leave and that helps the separation anxiety. Well, it only keeps her quiet for 10 to 20 minutes, depending. Then after that she cries and whines for a while.

The first time we gave her the Kong she didn't cry at all after she was finished with the Kong and it was GREAT. But now she's gone full fledged tear stuff up when the owners are away. She tore up a sheet in her crate. Then yesterday we had to go to church and then we had to grocery shopping after (we were gone for maybe 2 and a half hours) she tore up the pillow in her crate. On the video, she was busy with her Kong for about 17 minutes, then after that decided to stop working on it (even though the Kong wasn't fully finished), start whining and barking for a while instead. Then she'd get quiet except for some whining. The whining is totally fine - that will not bug the neighbors, but the barking and howling definitely will, I'm sure. Then she'd lie down and rest for 5 or 10 minutes, get back up and start whining and barking again, then lie down again, and then bark and whine again, etc. It went on like that for a while. Then at some point she got sick of it all and decided to tear up her pillow.

I've been reading articles about separation anxiety and we already do most of what it suggests. We haven't done the lavender oil for calming though. Has anyone done that? Not sure how much that would really help honestly. We bought some lavender oil spray just to try for next time anyway...

Having the tv on while we were gone only seemed to make things a lot worse. We haven't done the soft/relaxing music yet, but we could try it, though I'm afraid it would just have the same outcome as having the tv on.

We exercise her before we go anywhere. We even take her to the dog park almost daily for an hour and she runs with the other dogs, we take her for three or four 20-minute walks a day, and we've even been doing the treadmill with her, which she is really good at and actually seems to enjoy it (when we first got her on the treadmill she was not scared of it at all, even when we turned it on and it started moving. It was as if she had been on a treadmill before, though we know she hasn't been). We've been having her do half a mile twice daily on the treadmill usually at 3 mph or less. We are going to work up to a faster speed and longer times eventually.

We have been training her and she catches on very quickly. She knows sit and paw and stay, though she isn't 100% on stay yet. We have been trying to use that and Cesar's way (the Dog Whisperer) to keep her from following us incessantly from room to room. We've been using most all of Cesar's way to train her which works great, just takes time.

Don't really know what to do with the separation anxiety issue. Hopefully she'll just grow out of it, but I've read that some dogs never do? With the way she is now, we have no idea when we'll be able to keep her out of the crate while we're gone. I don't want to come home to our couch shredded, etc.

I know that vets can prescribe anxiety medicine or anti-depressants that are supposed to help, but I've heard from a lot of people that they did nothing for their dog's separation anxiety?

We can't totally stop our lives just for her. We have to go out and get groceries and go to the doctors and whatever else. And we can't bring her in the car everywhere we go, even if she does love car rides (we do take her on plenty of car rides as is, actually).

Anyone have any suggestions for separation anxiety and what you did and what helped? Did your dog have it and grow out of it or did something really, really work for your dog to get over their separation anxiety? Did or does your dog follow you from room to room?


31st December 2010

disturbedme8:19pm: Kind of a weird question about doggy sleep schedules
This is going to be a strange question, but since we got Rosey (1 and a half years old), we are not sure if we should let her nap/sleep whenever she wants, especially if it's late because we're afraid that she won't sleep all through the night and will want up. Can anyone tell me if this is true? I know that that can happen with children, but is it the same for dogs or not?

She sleeps really well through the night right now, but we haven't been letting her sleep or nap very long when it gets late. We try to keep her up and play and keep her distracted or else she does go to her bed and sleeps/rests again. We try to keep her up until we go to bed too. Is it okay to let her nap/sleep whenever she wants and know that we'll still get a good night sleep without her whining in her crate and waking us up?

28th December 2010

disturbedme12:28am: Introducing Rosey!
We just rescued Rosey the day after Christmas. Some friends of my father-in-laws couldn't keep her any longer, so we took her in. We've wanted a beagle for quite a while.

Here's some pics of her! Pics are kind of big!Collapse )

8th December 2010

disturbedme11:05am: Some question about a 1-year-old beagle.

My husband and I are thinking of getting a beagle. She would be 1-year-old. The family that doesn't want her anymore adopted her, but they are never home during the day and leave her in a crate all day long by herself. Don't know why they adopted her in the first place if they knew they would have to keep her in a crate all day long by herself.

My husband and I would love to take her for our own but as of right now we live in a dinky apartment with no yard. I'm home all day so that would be ONE improvement, I guess, to her current situation. But I have some qualms about having a beagle in a tiny apartment. Thankfully, she's already house trained, fixed, and crate trained (obviously lol). At the moment, we are actually in the process of looking for a place to move, a place we can call home and eventually own someday. That's another problem. We're not sure how it would be to move with a dog.

I'm also afraid that since she's 1 she'll have TONS and TONS of energy and we don't have anywhere really to take her besides taking her for walks around the apartments... but even that isn't really that much exercise? I guess it's more than she gets at the moment though. Right now, she seems extremely full of energy, but that might be because she's stuck in a crate all day long. She also has a bad habit of jumping on people, which would be something we'd want to train her NOT to do.

Do all of your beagles bark/howl a lot? That's something else we'd be worried about living in an apartment and having a beagle. We're also worried that she'll cry/whine a lot when we leave her alone and I'm sure our neighbors wouldn't be happy about that either.

Do they chew a lot? She's 1 so I am guessing she's out of that stage, but I really don't know how long beagles chew or if adults do?

What flea and tick protection do you use for your beagle? I know beagles love grass and bushes and woods, so I'm just wondering what protection has been the best for your beagle repelling and killing ticks as soon as possible?

Also I've read that beagles shed an awful lot even though they are short haired. How can I keep it so that there isn't hair lying all over the house? Brush her every day? Is there a really good dog brush that's best to use? That you'd suggest?

I think that's all the questions I have for now. But I might have more later.


Here's some pictures of Rosie. Supposedly she's a beagle/basset mix, but I don't see the basset anywhere.... but I could be wrong.Collapse )
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5th November 2010

mymichelle12:37pm: Ivor/squirrel faceoff

15th July 2010

ctg213619:01pm: Please, never let your beagle off the leash
I remember when I first joined this community, someone posted a story about a friend who was overconfident about her beagle being so good that the dog would not cross any boundaries. Then, when she least expected it, the beagle ran after something and got run over by a car. The beagle died.

Well, the same thing happened to my poogle today. My stupid ex-husband never listens to me. I always told him, whenever he let the girl off the leash to run to me, NEVER LET HER OFF THE LEASH BECAUSE OF THE BEAGLE IN HER! I remembered that story in this community and dreaded the day the same thing would happen to my dog. I paid for that dog (my ex-husband did not pay a cent for her purchase), raised and trained her for five years! I groomed her, took care of her, always gave her her maintenance drugs like Sentinel (heartworm, fleas and ticks), bathed her, etc. Yet, because of this stupid excuse for a man, she died today. He let her off the leash and she got hit by a car. She died.

I came home to my son crying because of what happened. I could not stop screaming at my ex-husband about his irresponsibility and I fear that if that was what his stupidity could do to my dog (technically she's mine because I shouldered majority of her bills, including her purchase), what could it do to our son?

I'll miss having her at the foot of my bed and taking afternoon naps with her. I'll miss our walks and runs, her screaming at my son when she plays with him (they're like two rival puppies). She was my little girl.
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12th January 2010

spendabuck859:48am: Amos!
 My husband and I adopted the handsomest little mutt around on January 9th.  I picked him up yesterday from the SPCA Spay & Neuter Clinic.  He was pretty loopy but had his moments of excitement and enthusiasm.  When we got him home, he made himself comfortable on a comforter my husband and I use to cuddle in on the floor when we're watching movies.  He looked so cozy there and he had had a rough day, what with getting neutered after having been a "man" for two years, so we decided to leave the crate training 'til the next day (today!).

He's obviously not a purebred, but he's definitely some sort of beagle mix (the shelter was saying beagle/corgi, and someone else suggested beagle/cavalier, but we'll never know).  When I was standing in line at the clinic to pick him up, I heard some aroo-ing from the back room and thought, "Well, that could very well be our little guy," but he hasn't made a peep... except an odd mixture between a squeak, a whimper, and a sigh.  It's pretty cute and we think it's a happy sound.  Let's hope we lucked out and got the one beagle who doesn't bay at the moon (we live in an apartment complex and want our neighbors to like us, rather than wish us dead)!


Anyway, my husband and I are stoked about this little guy, whom we've named Amos (it was a compromise: my husband wanted to name him Seamus and I liked Ahab, so Amos it was!).  We adopted him on his first day at the local SPCA (he had just transferred in from another county shelter) and the woman helping us said another couple had met with him that day.  How those people left without him, we'll never know.  He's such a love.  He lives for praise, hasn't shown any signs of destructive behavior, isn't food aggressive, doesn't mark in the apartment, fetches and brings back a tennis ball like a pro, and is well behaved on leash.  My only fear is that there's someone out there who's missing this little fella right now, but I'm glad he's with us.

Without further ado...Collapse )

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25th December 2009

stacyx4:41pm: Mmmm Paper
Madison loves paper and loves shredding it. This morning she had a ton of fun and a ton of paper to shred. She opened her own presents.

Opening a gift http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q280/stacyricco/christmas%202009/Christmas2009007.jpg

Helping out http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q280/stacyricco/christmas%202009/Christmas2009011.jpg

Looking for more http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q280/stacyricco/christmas%202009/Christmas2009016.jpg

13th November 2009

amidreamingmere10:03pm: Police Officer Stabbed by 8 year Old
He was responding to the child kicking/kneeing a Boxer puppy...

16th September 2009

pr15711:19am: Beagle puppy help!

My bf just adopted a cute beagle mix named Molly who is eight weeks old. Right now he is the only one at home, as I am away at grad school (I'm in WV, he's in FL).   He thought he'd love having a dog, but nowhe's having a hard time dealing with her.  She pees all the time, like every fifteen minutes, without warning, so he's having to take her out all the time, which really cuts into his time.  And, because she pees all the time he has to keep an eye on her literally all the time, so studying, practicing, playing on the computer, watching tv, it's all impossible. When he takes her out, he has her on a leash (we live in an apartment complex), but if he tries to lead her a different way than she wants to go, she just sits down and refuses to budge, even if he tries to pull her along (of course, without choking her).  And she howls throughout the night.

Now, I realize that part of this has to do with her being so young, and him having just got her (he picked her up from the SPCA on monday afternoon), but at this point he's really fed up, and will probably be taking her back in the next couple days. 

Any advice? Please help me help him!  I think she's cute, and that all this can be worked through, but geez, it's still stressful.  Thanks!

P.S. - right now he's been shutting her in our kitchen (the only room with tile floor) while he's been gone, but I talked to my sister, and she has one of those crates that the puppy could sleep in, would that help? Thanks again!

30th August 2009

maligator7:55pm: Question about behavior when eating
Bud is a 2-year-old Beagle. For the past few months he has had problems with nausea. He will get nauseated and then either lick the carpet or beg to go out to eat grass. Once he eats grass, however, he still doesn't throw up most of the time. In order to get rid of it we have to induce vomiting with a bit of hydrogen peroxide. He has frequently thrown up boluses of grass that are half his size.  (yeah, ewww)

He has been on various treatments so far with a bit of success, but this weekend he was hit with it again. I switched his food yesterday in case it was an allergic reaction, but he had another oddity come up. He usually gulps his food down. When I fed him the new food he would take a bite, chew, and then shake his head. Then the process was repeated until it was gone.

Today I gave him the food again and the same result. So, I took that one up and put some of my Aussie's weight control food down just to see if there was a difference. He still chewed and took much longer to eat but didn't do the head shaking.

Any ideas what the shaking might mean? His ears don't look funky and don't smell... so I don't believe it is an ear infection -- especially since he only does it when eating this new food. The fact that he is taking longer to eat now does make me wonder if his stomach is upset. He may have a bug -- because normally (even during these months when he is randomly nauseated) he is always up for eating and is generally the first one done out of the 4 of them.


EDIT: Sorry -- I forgot to include that we are working with the vet. He will be going back in this week for some blood tests and then possibly x-rays and/or scoping if nothing shows up there. I'll be sure to mention the head shaking to her, but the main thing that seemed odd to me was that he only does it with this one food. I wondered if that was dog-speak for "this stuff tastes like crap"  haha

19th August 2009

mymichelle10:43pm: wooo!
Ivor Running on the Beach

6th August 2009

mymichelle9:01pm: favorite pastime
Ivor Eating Dinner

10th July 2009

mymichelle2:41pm: Houndsworth

25th June 2009

cassforcanines3:18pm: I love Beagles!
Hi everybody, I'm a newb here.  I don't personally own a Beagle, but I loooooove them.  I do have 2 dogs of my own, neither even close to Beagles but they were adopted way long before i fell oh so in love with the breed...
i work fulltime @ a doggy daycare and THIS is where I realized that i looooooooooooooooove these dogs.  4 out of 8 employees there own atleast one Beagle, and one of them has FOUR Beagles, one who is like 12 and hilarious.  He's like a senial old man, he gets into stuff and it's so funny.  He's like a really old puppy.  I put a picture of him under the cut. 
Anywho, in addition to the employees, we have a big client base with Beagles.  Point being, they're the best.  lol
Anywho, onto the photos...
Beagles in my lifeCollapse )

26th May 2009

forestcats4:19pm: La Jolla CA - Lab Beagles Available NOW
I got the following email and called Molly and she is trying to place 12 beagles. If you are in the area please give her a call. I am about 3 hours away but committed to two if they can be saved. (Yes I'm insane)

Adoption Coordinator for the San Diego Beagle Brigade.

I just got back from our trip and had a message waiting. Here's the story.... A lab in La Jolla, had a huge financial crisis and had to let all their employees go today and the facility is being shut down immediately. They have been using Beagles for research and the attorney for the company is a dog lover and is frantically trying to get the dogs placed before they are euthanized. She said that the dogs were used for diabetic medical research, but have been "washed out", which apparently means they have not been on any medication for a period of time so that all traces should be out of their bodies. There are 12 Beagles, ranging in age from 1 to about 6 years old. They have not been spayed or neutered, and only know kennel life so will need some TLC and help to learn to be a house pet. However, the attorney said they are cute, friendly little dogs and healthy. If you are interested in adopting one or more of the dogs and would like to find out about them or find out how to go see them, PLEASE contact the attorney, Molly Holman, immediately as apparently she has only today to get the dogs saved. She is working frantically calling every rescue group and shelter (although the shelters are currently so crowded that they are not willing to take the dogs, so she is pretty much hitting the wall there).

You can call Molly at (858) 952-3100 or you can e-mail her at molly_holman@yahoo.com. She is going to try answer her phone and check her e-mail as often as she can in the midst of all that is going on at the company.

20th May 2009

seeress_of_kell2:08am: Hi all!
New to the community, just wanted to introduce my beagle, Hemi!

He's almost two and a half years old, I've had him since he was 5 weeks old. We have a bit of a weight problem because my parents won't stop feeding him, well, everything. He's a bit tall for a beagle, at around 18", and weighs around 55 pounds. About a year and a half ago, he was hit by a car, and it broke his right rear leg. He had to have surgery to put a pin in to hold the break, and this past February he had the pin removed and is doing fabulously.

He's also afraid of our cat. At least he grew out of being afraid of the dark...

Pictures!Collapse )
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