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We love beagles!

Beagle lovers!!
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This is a place for beagle owners (or just beagle lovers) to talk about our doggies! You may share any tips, hints, advice or pics related to the breed.

Anonymous posting is not allowed here, but non-members are welcome to add to the discussions!


· Please use the lj-cut tag feature if you have a very long post or a picture. How to create lj-cut tags: FAQ #75.

· Please remove or edit unrelated posts. How to edit/remove posts: FAQ #119
Examples of "off-topic" posts include the following: What you did over the weekend, pictures of your (non four-legged) children, introductions, how you boyfriend broke up with you or community promotions.

· Please direct all community promotions to community_promo. You may contact a moderator or the community owner if you would like to be linked to the community's user info.

· Do not disable comments, delete comment threads or freeze comments. If you do this, your post WILL be removed. If you feel that another member has said made an out of line comment to you, then send an email to drunkenatheist at livejournal (dot) com. Please provide a link to the comment so I can do something about it.

· If you have any issues with the community, please send an email to drunkenatheist at livejournal (dot) com. Please provide any links possible.

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Thanks in advance.

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