Pee_Truck (pee_truck) wrote in beagles,

The best doggie in the world!

We had to put Baxter down tonight. He was acting totally not himself the past few days. Lethargic, not eating/drinking/peeing/pooping. Wouldn't even get up when Dave came over. I took him in and it turns out he had a tumor/mass in his abdomen that took up 2/3 of his belly. Most likely a hemangiosarcoma. The vet said we could do exploratory surgery, but in a tumor like that (she was 80% sure that's what it was), it would have already spread to the blood.

So, I said my goodbyes and hugged and kissed his wet nose. He had a great like (14 years; one month shy of 8 years with us). We'll miss him lots!

(We told the boys that Baxter was too sick to come home and that the vet was taking care of his sick tummy).
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