Ashley (disturbedme) wrote in beagles,

Introducing Rosey!

We just rescued Rosey the day after Christmas. Some friends of my father-in-laws couldn't keep her any longer, so we took her in. We've wanted a beagle for quite a while.






Rosey with bone

Rosey loves bobo!

Rosey with bobo!!


Rosey with peanut butter in Kong

She's such a sweetie. She's 1 years old, house trained, and crate trained. She's really smart. She is really good with car rides. We are trying to break her of jumping. She's very nosey (nosey Rosey) and gets into lots of things, but that's to be expected as she is only 1 (her birthday is in August). When people eat she tries to steal off peoples' plates, which is quite annyoing. The previous owners might have fed her table scraps while they were eating.

The only thing we haven't done is left her home alone yet. I am afraid she will have anxiety and really hope she doesn't (as right now we live in an apartment). Should we do practice runs and act as if we are going to leave and see what she does? How should we go about it? We left her in the car alone for a very short time while we ran into the store for one item and she seemed okay with that, but ended up in the front seat instead of in the back where she was. She has a really, really loud bark. So far she only barks if you get her riled up while playing with her or if she gets frustated (she was being nosey with food and my husband was standing in front of her in the way of the food and she barked a bunch of times). Otherwise, she's not very vocal, thankfully.

That's all for now. I wanted to introduce her. :-)
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