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Some question about a 1-year-old beagle.


My husband and I are thinking of getting a beagle. She would be 1-year-old. The family that doesn't want her anymore adopted her, but they are never home during the day and leave her in a crate all day long by herself. Don't know why they adopted her in the first place if they knew they would have to keep her in a crate all day long by herself.

My husband and I would love to take her for our own but as of right now we live in a dinky apartment with no yard. I'm home all day so that would be ONE improvement, I guess, to her current situation. But I have some qualms about having a beagle in a tiny apartment. Thankfully, she's already house trained, fixed, and crate trained (obviously lol). At the moment, we are actually in the process of looking for a place to move, a place we can call home and eventually own someday. That's another problem. We're not sure how it would be to move with a dog.

I'm also afraid that since she's 1 she'll have TONS and TONS of energy and we don't have anywhere really to take her besides taking her for walks around the apartments... but even that isn't really that much exercise? I guess it's more than she gets at the moment though. Right now, she seems extremely full of energy, but that might be because she's stuck in a crate all day long. She also has a bad habit of jumping on people, which would be something we'd want to train her NOT to do.

Do all of your beagles bark/howl a lot? That's something else we'd be worried about living in an apartment and having a beagle. We're also worried that she'll cry/whine a lot when we leave her alone and I'm sure our neighbors wouldn't be happy about that either.

Do they chew a lot? She's 1 so I am guessing she's out of that stage, but I really don't know how long beagles chew or if adults do?

What flea and tick protection do you use for your beagle? I know beagles love grass and bushes and woods, so I'm just wondering what protection has been the best for your beagle repelling and killing ticks as soon as possible?

Also I've read that beagles shed an awful lot even though they are short haired. How can I keep it so that there isn't hair lying all over the house? Brush her every day? Is there a really good dog brush that's best to use? That you'd suggest?

I think that's all the questions I have for now. But I might have more later.


Sorry, these are pretty crappy cell phone pictures.


This is Rosie! She's around 22 pounds.


You can see with this picture that she's been jumping up on everyone... lol paw print marks all over everyone's pants.

Rosie with current owner

This is Rosie with her current owner.


In this picture you can see a sore she has on her back, near her tail. We asked the owners about that and they said she somehow hurt herself when she was younger when she was left alone in the crate. Hopefully this doesn't mean she has separation anxiety. She also has a very narrow face, maybe she's mixed with something? The place they got her from said beagle/basset mix but she really doesn't seem to have any basset in her. I could be wrong, though.
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