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Please, never let your beagle off the leash

I remember when I first joined this community, someone posted a story about a friend who was overconfident about her beagle being so good that the dog would not cross any boundaries. Then, when she least expected it, the beagle ran after something and got run over by a car. The beagle died.

Well, the same thing happened to my poogle today. My stupid ex-husband never listens to me. I always told him, whenever he let the girl off the leash to run to me, NEVER LET HER OFF THE LEASH BECAUSE OF THE BEAGLE IN HER! I remembered that story in this community and dreaded the day the same thing would happen to my dog. I paid for that dog (my ex-husband did not pay a cent for her purchase), raised and trained her for five years! I groomed her, took care of her, always gave her her maintenance drugs like Sentinel (heartworm, fleas and ticks), bathed her, etc. Yet, because of this stupid excuse for a man, she died today. He let her off the leash and she got hit by a car. She died.

I came home to my son crying because of what happened. I could not stop screaming at my ex-husband about his irresponsibility and I fear that if that was what his stupidity could do to my dog (technically she's mine because I shouldered majority of her bills, including her purchase), what could it do to our son?

I'll miss having her at the foot of my bed and taking afternoon naps with her. I'll miss our walks and runs, her screaming at my son when she plays with him (they're like two rival puppies). She was my little girl.
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