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Beagle puppy help!


My bf just adopted a cute beagle mix named Molly who is eight weeks old. Right now he is the only one at home, as I am away at grad school (I'm in WV, he's in FL).   He thought he'd love having a dog, but nowhe's having a hard time dealing with her.  She pees all the time, like every fifteen minutes, without warning, so he's having to take her out all the time, which really cuts into his time.  And, because she pees all the time he has to keep an eye on her literally all the time, so studying, practicing, playing on the computer, watching tv, it's all impossible. When he takes her out, he has her on a leash (we live in an apartment complex), but if he tries to lead her a different way than she wants to go, she just sits down and refuses to budge, even if he tries to pull her along (of course, without choking her).  And she howls throughout the night.

Now, I realize that part of this has to do with her being so young, and him having just got her (he picked her up from the SPCA on monday afternoon), but at this point he's really fed up, and will probably be taking her back in the next couple days. 

Any advice? Please help me help him!  I think she's cute, and that all this can be worked through, but geez, it's still stressful.  Thanks!

P.S. - right now he's been shutting her in our kitchen (the only room with tile floor) while he's been gone, but I talked to my sister, and she has one of those crates that the puppy could sleep in, would that help? Thanks again!
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