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La Jolla CA - Lab Beagles Available NOW

I got the following email and called Molly and she is trying to place 12 beagles. If you are in the area please give her a call. I am about 3 hours away but committed to two if they can be saved. (Yes I'm insane)

Adoption Coordinator for the San Diego Beagle Brigade.

I just got back from our trip and had a message waiting. Here's the story.... A lab in La Jolla, had a huge financial crisis and had to let all their employees go today and the facility is being shut down immediately. They have been using Beagles for research and the attorney for the company is a dog lover and is frantically trying to get the dogs placed before they are euthanized. She said that the dogs were used for diabetic medical research, but have been "washed out", which apparently means they have not been on any medication for a period of time so that all traces should be out of their bodies. There are 12 Beagles, ranging in age from 1 to about 6 years old. They have not been spayed or neutered, and only know kennel life so will need some TLC and help to learn to be a house pet. However, the attorney said they are cute, friendly little dogs and healthy. If you are interested in adopting one or more of the dogs and would like to find out about them or find out how to go see them, PLEASE contact the attorney, Molly Holman, immediately as apparently she has only today to get the dogs saved. She is working frantically calling every rescue group and shelter (although the shelters are currently so crowded that they are not willing to take the dogs, so she is pretty much hitting the wall there).

You can call Molly at (858) 952-3100 or you can e-mail her at She is going to try answer her phone and check her e-mail as often as she can in the midst of all that is going on at the company.
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