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Anyone have an elderly beagle that seems to shiver or shake? It's not like a seizure or anything, but when he's sitting looking out the doorwall (or staring at us eating) he sort of shivers. He can be in a ray of sunshine or sitting right by a heat vent, so I don't think its he's cold. We aren't sure how old he is because my husband got him about 8 years ago from the humane society, we guess he's about 12 years old. I always had big dogs growing up and they tended to have things like hip displaysia or cancer, not arthritis. I'm assuming that is what causes him to shake, we give him glucosamine since his hips get stiff and he's on senior dog food already. Any other ideas, or is this harmless? Him and his basset brother are due for a vet visit soon so I'll talk to the vet of course, just thought I'd check to see if this is common in beagles.

My beagle also has the nastiest old man farts, but that's another topic. He's good at walking thru a room and letting one go, then looking at you like "what did you do that for?"
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